WorldPride Madrid 2017

LGBTQI Interparliamentary Session

Thursday 29th June from 16:00 to 18:00
Senado de España

The Madrid Summit 2017 and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute are proud to host the first global LGBTQI Interparliamentary Plenary Session. The Plenary Session will bring together elected representatives of all levels, ages, genders, races and political families from around the world who identify as LGBTQI or are dedicated allies. The goal of the event is to explore a way to collaborate among out elected officials around the world to advance towards equality for LGBTQI people, using their influential positions within democratic institutions. 

The Plenary Session comes in the wake of the Victory Institute’s largest LGBTQI Leaders Conference and will directly follow the Madrid Summit 2017. The Victory Institute is a US based organisation that is dedicated to elevating openly LGBTQI leaders at all levels of government both within the US and around the world. The Victory Institute’s LGBTQI Leaders Conference 2016 held in Washington DC following the US presidential elections was the largest in its 30 year history.

As part of World Pride Madrid 2017, the Madrid Summit will bring together academics, politicians, non-governmental organisations and activists between 26th - 28th June to discuss human rights issues in fields such as Culture, Politics, Education, and Health. The conclusions of the summit will be formally detailed in the Madrid Declaration which will look to provide a framework for the future development of LGBTQI specific Human Rights and which will be signed by all participants, institutions and organisations.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute is an NGO based in the USA that works to increase the number of LGBTQI people who participate in the democratic process as a means of further advancing towards equality. Amongst other initiatices, the Victory Institute hosts an annual LGBTQ Leaders Conference which brings together more than 500 LGBTQI international elected or appointed officials. The organisation works with local groups in more than eight countries.

The LGBTQI Interparliamentary Plenary Session will open with a formal reading of the Madrid Summit Declaration, which will be drafted after the formal conclusions of the mentioned conference. Then, elected and appointed representatives in attendance will have the chance to contribute to the discussion. Drawing on their experience in office, they will highlight specific challenges in their regions and seek to define how they can best work together to use their positions of influence to contribute towards achieving the aims of the Madrid Summit Declaration.


Alex Greenwich
Member of the New South Wales Assembly. Australia
Alyn Smith
Member of the European Parliament. UK
Ana Helena Chacón Echevarría
Segunda Vicepresidenta de la República de Costa Rica. Costa Rica
Angeles Alvarez
Diputada del Congreso. Spain
Antonio Hurtado Zurera
Diputado del Congreso. Spain
Apsara Reddy
Portavoz Politico. India
Audrey Tang
Minister. Taiwan
Bosco Labrado
Concejal del Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Spain
Carla Antonelli
Diputada Asamblea de Madrid. Spain
Daniele Viotti
Member of the European Parliament. Italy
Diane Marie Rodríguez
Asambleísta Nacional. Ecuador
Eduardo Petrini
Diputado de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Argentina
Helga Stevens
Member of the European Parliament. Belgium
Idoia Villanueva Ruiz
Senadora. Spain
Isabel García Sánchez
Diputada Provincial Valencia. Spain
Javier Maroto
Diputado del Congreso. Spain
Julie Ward
Member of the European Parliament. UK
Kendra Stefani Jordan Bonilla
Candidata a Diputada para el Parlamento Hondureño. Honduras
Kevin Peel
Member of the Committee of the Regions. UK
Lol Kin Castañeda Badillo
Diputada Constituyente. Mexico
Maximiliano Ferraro
Diputado de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Argentina
Paulon Esteban
Subsecretario de Políticas de Diversidad Sexual. Argentina
Pilar Lima
Senadora. Spain
Purificación Causapie
Concejala del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.Spain
Randy Boissonnault
Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 Issues. Canada
Sedef Kakmak
Municipal Assembly Member. Turkey
Shane Cohn
Alderman. United States
Tamara Adrián
Diputada de la Asamblea Nacional. Venezuela
Tomas Marcos
Senador. Spain
Ulrike Lunacek
Member of the European Parliament. Austria
Vanessa Angustia Gómez
Xavier Bettel
Prime Minister. Luxembourg
Zakhele Mbhele
Member of Parliament. South Africa
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid